Friday 30 December 2016

Happy New Year from JAREEYA

December is nearing its end and with it we leave an other year behind us in the history books. And what a year it was! Leaving aside the geopolitical events, gossips and losses in the entertainment world, it was an exciting year for JAREEYA too!

JAREEYA was born beginning of 2016 and it took some time before the idea materialised itself in a real concept. After we got some products lined up that can be listed and sold on our website, it was time to develop the website. As usual, we did it from scratch to keep it clean, professional and functional, without superfluous overhead that only slows the page down. A few very hot weeks have been spent during our holidays in Thailand to prepare the listings – not an easy task when the thermometer breaks through the 40°C mark! A few weeks later, our website was up and running and ready for trade.

Of course, we didn't stop there: The website got regular updates and improvements and we added Pearl Earrings to our selection of fine jewellery. By the end of the year, we also got our hands on further Pearl Jewellery and you will be glad to know that it will be ready for you to explore at the beginning of 2017. The jewellery is with us already but it still awaits to be photographed, correctly described and – very important – hallmarked!

Other than adding to our choice of products we also took proactive steps to show our commitment that we are a genuine business and take your satisfaction serious and giving you the confidence that you get exactly what you were buying. To start with, we registered JAREEYA® as a brand-name in the UK. This shows commitment (since it doesn't come for free) and makes it harder for any other business to take our name and to pretend to be us.

Secondly, we applied for the Assay Assured program with the Edinburgh Assay Office and got approved just before Christmas. When you see the Assay Assured Trustmark, you know that you can buy in confidence. The program certifies that the retailer displays the metal content (fineness) of all precious metal jewellery and that all items that are not exempt by weight do carry a legal hallmark. Any approved retailer also agrees not to carry any counterfeitet branded jewellery. And should you have a query that you can not resolve with the retailer itself, the program acts as an independent arbiter.

It was a busy and successful year for us and will continue working hard to provide you with an even bigger choice of fine jewellery and outstanding customer service.

JAREEYA wishes everyone a Prosperous and Happy New Year, 2017!