Tuesday 14 June 2016

Welcome to JAREEYA's world

Welcome to Our Blog

Thank you for your interest in JAREEYA – a newly established brand for fine jewellery, providing you with a great selection of silver, gold diamond and gemstone jewellery. Our website is now finally live and we are working under high pressure to add the currently missing sections on our website.

Now to the WHO we are. JAREEYA is a trading name of Idin Jewellery. While Idin Jewellery is selling a wide range of fashion, children and handmade jewellery, we decided to sell fine jewellery under its own brand and dedicated website. Due to the vast range of various kinds of jewellery offered under Idin, adding a section for fine jewellery would not only make the site way too crowded but jewellery made from diamonds and precious metals deserves its own webpage and label.

We understand that the jewellery trade is a tough market. Plenty of competitors, both domestic and abroad, and some trying to get your custom by offering the lowest possible prices – most likely by compromising on quality and service; spending hundreds if not thousands of pounds on that glittering engagement ring is still a big decision for most of us; the list goes on...

So how do we differ? To start with, we don't make any claims that we re-invented jewellery or come up with an ingenious business model millions of other people failed to discover. No. We keep things simple where we can and focus on the important aspects of business: Quality and doing our utmost to excel in customer service. Although we only retail jewellery, we do take an interest in the items we are selling and continue to learn and study about the relevant subjects. The theory of retail is simple: Buy something, sell it with a mark-up. You can go and buy a diamond from somewhere and sell it on for a profit. Or anything else. We don't like this attitude particularly much but instead value a business which knows what it is talking about. Naturally, we don't know everything and don't claim so, but we never stop adding to our knowledge. And part of this blog will deal with such educational materials.

The areas we save money on is our inventory and subsequently insurance premiums we have to pay. Most of our items will be ordered from our suppliers after you made a purchase with us. As our main suppliers are based in the UK, the delay of receiving your order will be minimal; perhaps a day or two later than you would normally get your order. That's the drawback. On the plus side it is easier to customise an item for you if needed, we can pass our cost savings on to you and it is easier for us to double-check the quality of every piece before sending it out to you. We don't want you to spend money on something called a “golden diamond ring”. We want you that you know it is a 1.00ct diamond of SI clarity with H-grade colour with a good cut set in a 18ct white gold ring. Sounds confusing? Let's put it into a different way: We want you to get a genuine diamond and gold ring and the quality is exactly what you pay for.

An other way we can save unnecessary costs is that we automate repetitive tasks and in areas where computers excel over humans, while not losing the human touch. For example, our prices get regularly updated with the prices from our suppliers. Around the clock, 24/7. It's faster than having a person sitting all day in front of the screen to check prices. Time we can use to interface directly with you on a personal level, with no standard copy-and-paste replies to your messages.

Finally, we added a few "smart" features to our website that run in the background. Missing product information; missing images or images that are too large; correct pricing options... it's all done automatically in the background and we don't have to rely on our customers to report back any missing pictures or us clicking through hundreds of links to ensure our site is working as it should. Our system is taking care of this and you benefit from a better experience: something missing today can be fixed within hours.

Thank you for taking time to read through our first blog and exploring our website. If there is something you should miss, please get in touch with us and we are happy to help. Not all sections are live yet on our website, but we work hard to get the remaining categories up and running as soon as we can.

Best wishes,



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