Saturday 2 July 2016

Diamond Initial Pendants

We are happy to announce that our fine selection of pendants has now been expanded to include Initial Pendants too. Available in Yellow and White Gold, set with plenty of diamonds or just a single stone for a subtle accentuation – the choice is yours to make.

Despite their small size, pendants make a great gift for a loved person. They show you care and there is less worry about whether it's to the presentee's taste – they are normally well received. Of course, they are also gender-neutral.

JAREEYA - Initial J Diamond PendantIt's hard to guess someone's personal taste, and while some other pendants can show passion for a particular interest like boxing or golfing, an initial pendant is neutral. Since they are made of shiny and prestigious gold and are adorned with diamonds, they won't go unappreciated. They are more than a quick and cheap thoughtless present.

Unfortunately, we do not have all letters in stock at present, but we offer the most common ones. We apologise for not having your initial if your name is Xanthia, but most common names are not a problem. If you are desperate to get your own initial and can't find it, please do get in touch with us and we will see what we can do. Also, don't forget that we work together with Scottish goldsmith Andrew McCallum and any letter – albeit in a different style – will be possible. That way, we can even cater for special and Asian characters like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.

To make your search easier, we created an own section for initial pendants, saving you the hassle to browse through the other available designs. You can find them in our newly created Initial Pendants Section. Enjoy browsing!



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