Monday 5 September 2016

Care for Your Jewellery

Jewellery, like any other item, needs some care and attention. Properly looked after, jewellery can last for a long time and regularly cleaning should not be neglected. It not only keeps your precious pieces clean and sparkling, it also helps you save money by avoiding the need for expensive professional jewellery cleaning, or at least it makes such visits less frequent. Even a tough diamond benefits from a bit of cleaning.

To help you to look after your priced possessions, JAREEYA offers you the entire range of Connoisseurs® jewellery care products. Connoisseurs is a specialist in jewellery cleaning and care products and their range covers pretty much any kind of jewellery you can think of: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, (Semi)Precious Stones, Pearls and even fashion and costume jewellery.

Connoisseurs Care Products Range
Looking after your jewellery should not be seen as a chore and the products from Connoisseurs are easy to use and also offer you different ways of cleaning. Wipe the tarnish off your silver items while simultaneously help preventing further build-up. Cover up tiny cracks in diamonds with their Diamond Dazzle Stik®. Give your golden chain a bath or use the Sonic Dazzle Stik for extraordinary cleaning results. There is a solution from Connoisseurs for nearly every type of jewellery.

Connoisseurs also offers a cleaning solution for delicate items like pearls and semi-precious stones like opal, coral, onyx or turquoise and is also suitable for fashion jewellery.

Since the world of jewellery covers many different materials, it is important that you choose the right product for the right material. For example, a product that is solely designed to be used for silver should never be applied to any other material as this may discolour or damage the piece. Some very sensitive items like pearls also require specialist products. If in doubt, it is always best to speak to a jewellery on how to clean an item.

Silver Dazzle Drops
One more word of warning: In case of diamonds and other (semi) precious stones, make sure you know whether they have been treated in any way. A diamond is a very tough stone which is not affected by most treatments. However, if a crack has been covered up with a filler, the filling material may be attacked by a cleaning solution or damaged when using an ultra-sonic cleaner. Treatments of diamonds and gemstones is a long subject and beyond the scope of this article, but the essence is to know your jewellery. Always make sure the jeweller you are buying from is disclosing any treatments and if in doubt with existing jewellery we recommend to seek professional advice.

Care products do not cost the world and are only a fraction of the cost of the jewellery itself (except for the cheapest of products of course). It is money well spent and ensures your jewellery always looks at its best, while at the same time prolonging the life of it. Not to mention the satisfaction you will get when you see the sparkle on your treasured pieces...

Enjoy browsing the range,

 Your JAREEYA-Team


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