Friday 25 November 2016

Black Friday - Aftermath

Now that Black Friday is over, it's perhaps time to ask why JAREEYA was not involved in the hype and didn't entice its customers with special offers, freebies or discounts!?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and retailers there used Black Friday as an opportunity to rid themselves of surplus stock by discounting prices. Thus, it is considered by many shoppers to grab a bargain on that day – something that isn't necessarily true in the UK as in some instances you may have to pay more for the same product than before or after this big shopping day. And for us: We don't have any surplus stock that would be related to Thanksgiving and we also don't feel the need to copy everybody else.

Furthermore, our prices are already set low and any discounts we would be able to offer are too small to be exciting. Also, it would require a lot of preparation for a single shopping day, diverting resources from more important areas, to work out what discounts we can offer on what products. We rather ensure a great customer service and shopping experience instead of offering a mediocre discount.

We also feel that Black Friday is overrated and we certainly don't want to push you into a buy you may later regret. After all, there are already plenty of special shopping days the big businesses try to part with your hard earned money.

By offering aggressive discounts on a single day may not give you enough time to research the products accurately. It is better for both you and ourselves if you have time to browse through the products that interest you and ensure you find the right piece at the set budget. Buying jewellery under time pressure is best avoided, especially if it's fine jewellery – in contrast to cheaper fashion jewellery.

To us, it seems unfair to other customers who may not be able to go shopping on a pre-set day by giving a price advantage on the basis that some other big retailers tell you to do so. We value all of our customers equally and we don't want to punish someone who buys a day earlier or who needs more time to think about a planned purchase and does the shopping on the weekend following Black Friday.

That said, no one will be stopped to buy from us on Black Friday. And we also don't rule out introducing vouchers or special promotions in the future. But we don't want to contribute to the hype of shopping days with aggressive discounts and prey on consumers who think they have to shop on a particular day for the best deal or otherwise they are too late. You should enjoy browsing our range of fine jewellery and not encountering the feeling of time pressure to by the very same day.

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